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Bob Brown (1958-65)

After university and an economics degree, and a brief spell dabbling in computers (they called me a computer luddite in my company - a sort of compliment), I went on a vocational type course at Liverpool University and started in economic development, first in Liverpool and then starting my international travels a couple of years later in Benin (W Africa), before really never stopping from travelling the world on projects, mainly transport and tourism for both the private sector and World Bank, UNDP etc.

I have worked on all continents in some great places and in some dangerous ones too.  I went freelance in 1995 and I am now in Indonesia, having worked in Tokyo, Colombo, Brussels and Indonesia again just this year alone.

I got married, divorced and remarried having one son who is now teaching in Taiwan after graduating a couple of years back.  After remarrying, we bought a house in SW France where we live most of the time when not abroad working.  Its a great contrast to UK and the third world being a sort of farm house on a large piece of land almost in the middle of nowhere.

Hope to catch up at a reunion sometime.

Bob Brown