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Robert Harari (left 1969/70?)

I was known as Robert 'Arry 'Arari because nobody chose to pronounce my name correctly and I didn't realise at the time that I was too shy to tell people.

After the obligatory 7 years incarceration, 'Arry 'Arari left WCGS in '69/70 (cant exactly remember which) and Bob Harari went on to study business studies at Enfield College of Technology (now probably known as the University of North East something or other...).
After a great marriage to a Kiwi, no kids and a surreal divorce, I spent a year in Houston - Texas, helping to open up an int'l shipping office.

On my return, a friend of a friend of a friend etc etc asked me to sell chemicals and fertilisers in Idi Amin's Uganda. (I was innocent about Africa then).  After a few years opening up remote parts of Africa to the pleasures of import and export of anything, a business partner and I setup our own Djibouti/Madagascar based trading company. That was fun. The 1984 Ethiopian famine/Bob Geldorf's Band Aid being the main highlight of that business period.

By 1987, tired of intercontinental commuting, I chose to export from London, without realising that to be good at international trade - regular travel has to come into it somewhere - and I was really tired of it! So I existed for a few years - no Porsches or gold plated underwear...just a reasonable living.

In 1992, World Food Program, the food mandated UN agency, contacted me to see if Id be interested in working in Somalia during the war/famine I grabbed the lifeline to start travelling again as I knew Somalia well and quite liked the country.
After working 8 years for them and the EU in Somalia, Afghanistan. Pakistan, Tajikistan, the Yemen Arab Republic. and burning out from working in too many war zones (sorry that should read - as per UN - conflict zones!) I yet again returned to Blighty.

For the past 2 years, have lived more or less singly on fresh air, some old dosh, unemployment benefits and helping as a volunteer teaching time management and cookery for MIND in Ealing, a charity. I now work full time for them.