Old Uffingtonians Association (1994)

   Willesden County Grammar School                         Ex-Pupils 1924-1967                    

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     Bob Howard (1963-65)

I qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1972 and eventually became a Director of a Public Company.  In 1996 my wife left me with our son, David, who has severe learning difficulties. Working and looking after David was just too difficult so in 1997 I retired at the ripe old age of 50.  No regrets!  David is now 13 years old and I enjoy my new life as "pere au foyer".

I have a number of hobbies, including portrait drawing, and keep fit by cycling (enough to keep the blood moving but not enough to hold back the years).  I enjoy reading and have just started on the Maigrait series in French!  Hoping it will prove useful or at least preserve some of the little grey cells.

I do not work, but am a member nominated Trustee of my old Company's pension scheme.

 ............................... And David