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Cynthia Wynne, nee Joseph   (1958-65)

A few facts about me.  My maiden name was Cynthia Joseph and I was in the same class as Brian Binstock and the same year as Lesley Mays etc.  I left after the fifth form (5y) and went on to Kilburn Poly where I studied Mechanised Accounting (the forefront of Computers) and then did a second year of secretarial studies and economics and accounting.

I worked for about three years to the age of 21 doing secretarial work and then married.  My husband had just finished his first degree in chemistry and had been accepted to do a Masters at the Technion in Haifa, Israel.  We stayed two years or so in Haifa and after one son and a second degree we then decided what would be our future. After applying to some universities to do a doctorate, my husband was accepted at the Weizman Institute in Rehovot to study for a doctorate on Lymphocytes.  He studied under some very famous names, one of the Professors ending up being the President of the State of Israel while he was David's Prof!  In the meantime I was a full fledged mother of two children now and doing part time work on computers (those old huge types ). By this time we were settling down here and now after thirty three years we are still in Israel.

We now live in Safad up North.  The town is situated in the mountains.  We now have four children. Jonathan who is thirty two, is working in computers & is married to Judy (marketing computer programmes) and they have two children Nimrod, 3yrs. and Yoav who is 18 months old.  Dani (working on communications) who is nearly thirty, married to Natalie( Chief quality controller of five companies in a huge conglomerate) with two children , David Jnr. three yrs. and our only granddaughter, Noa who is 10 months old.  My two younger children who are single, Doron who is 23 and first year student of Economics and History at Bar-Ilan Univerity and my youngest Yael
15yrs.  She studies at the local middle school and is the only one at home at the moment.

I started working at Safad Government Hospital about three weeks after moving here in 1975. I have now been working in the pharmacy of the hospital for 25 years and am in charge of the inventory and buying of all the medicines for the hospital.  David, my husband, changed his direction from researching into cancer.  He received a position working in the Kinneret Lab on problems of water.  He has just been promoted to the title of Professor.

I looked through the photos which were on your site but it is very hard to recognise anyone.  Don't we all look so young.  If my memory is correct, I do remember the Southend trip when all of us bought cowboy hats and went to some sweet shops where they showed us how they made rock sweets etc.  I also remember our one day trip to France on the boat. I have somewhere a photo of me standing on the boat with two french breads over my shoulder!  I think we went with Mr. Ede on that trip.

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