Old Uffingtonians Association (1994)

   Willesden County Grammar School                         Ex-Pupils 1924-1967                    

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David Jiles   (1965-72)

Married since 1979 to Helen, with four children.
Living in the United States.
Professor at Iowa State University and Senior Physicist with US Department of Energy.

I left in 1972, then went to Exeter University to take a degree in Physics and Mathematics.  After that I took an MSc and PhD in Physics finishing in 1979.  Later I also took a DSc in Physics from Birmingham University.  I married Helen Graham, emigrated and lived in New Zealand for two years at Victoria University in Wellington.  After that we moved to Canada, spent three years at Queen's University in Kingston then in 1984 we moved to the United States.  Since then I have been at Iowa State University as Professor in Materials Science and concurrently Senior Physicist with the United States Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory under a joint appointment.  We have four children; two girls Sarah (18) and Elizabeth (16), and two boys Andrew (12) and Richard (6).  I get to do the high school physics homework, so some things haven't changed since the days at Willesden.  For those of you who remember I still play chess (can't seem to give up any of those old habits!) but not so often now with all the kids and students to look after.  I spend most of my research time delving in to magnetism and magnetic materials and wrote a couple of books on the subject, just to pass the time! My website can be found from http://mse.iastate.edu/people/people.cfm