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Doug D (Davies) Lloyd : 1939-1944

I am/was reading disabled.  It was clear that I would never pass an English exam.  As that meant that I could never go to a grammar school such as WCGS.  I was transferred into a vocation school at age 9 1/2.  I should have been evacuated with that vocational school on Sept 2nd 1939 but because I turned up with my brother at WCGS I was evacuated with them.  I was constantly concerned that some teacher would notice that I could not read or write - but that never happened. Obviously I could not pass my General School Certificate at the levels required for Matriculation.  But I did my Higher national Certificate in one year (rather than two) and entered University College London to work in the Lab where Faraday invented electricity.

My Dad sold the house were I lived and I was on the streets for two years corresponding to my second and third college years.  I failed my final exams but got in all my required attendances which meant that I could re-take my finals which I did two year later after two years in the Army.

After three years with EMI working on the electronics for an anti ballistic missile, I immigrated to the USA.

I wanted a change.  I changed my technical field to the design of pipe couplings.  Also I changed my size of town from London (9 million) and Northampton (200,000) to Bradford PA (15,000).

It turned out that Harvard Graduate Business School agreed with me that a mix of cultural setting including town size was a necessary requirement for a fully diversified class and they brought me in for interview.  Because I had created a program in Hong Kong for NCOs while facing 1.6 million Chinese, HBS gave me a two year scholarship.  I graduated from HBS in 1956.

I went to work for Raytheon and converted an old radio tube manufacturing plant to the manufacturer of the world's most advance guidance computer.

I next went to ABA to run a pure physics basic research lab.

After 3 years I answered a NASA add for a "crazy" and was given the impossible task of finding the Apollo landing sites with half the orbiting cameras that were required.  I wrote the strategy for finding the Lunar Landing sites and the first space exploration mission planning document.

The first Lunar Orbiter correctly orbited the moon and we felt that we had lassoed the moon.  Unfortunately, the camera had a serious fault - was not getting photos.  I suggested that we take the first photo of the Earth which I took on Aug 23, 1966.  I brought a copy of that photo to WCGS but I do not know if it was hung on the walls.

I obtained a PhD in Political Science in 1976 on the deregulation of Telecomm.

I did six years at Bell Labs on Software Research which period was interrupted by my having testicular cancer.
I joined Western Union May 1, 79.  I sold and installed the FIRST fiber-optics link between commercial buildings.  I created a joint venture for the creation of the first Metropolitan Area fiber network.  I created from scratch (with no money for networks and no products/services to sell) W.U. International business.

I was one of seven men who deregulated U.K. telecomms.

I set up the first cellular system devoted to Yachts - in the British Virgin Islands. This was the first use of USA cellular technology outside the USA (and Canada).  I extended that service throughout the Easter Caribbean including the French Islands.  (Can you imagine the French using USA cellular technology)

Some twenty years ago I formed, with my friend Gills Fryman, the "Association of OnLine Cancer Resources" which has become the dominant Online cancer organization with 159 On-line Doctors who are cancer specialists. www.acor.org. We send out 1.5 million advisory emails per week.  In doing this we have created "participatory" medicine for Cancer.

Currently I am creating a report title " Managing the Earth Using the Goal of Maximizing Societal Wealth".  It may be viewed as an update of Adam Smith's book.  Fundamentally it is a design for the Management of the Earth - A little like designing the E.U. but on grander scale.  If you know anyone who might be interested in joining me on that Report - please have them contact me by email.