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Isobel Silverman, nee Braidman   (1958-65)

Greetings from Manchester!

I graduated from Sussex University in 1969 (seems centuries ago), where I used to occasionally bump into Catherine K and Pete Smith, and I then went to St Mary’s Hospital, in London, where I studied for my PhD.  In  the meantime, I met Bobby Silverman, local (-ish) lad (ex Pinner Grammar) and we were married in 1975, so last year was our Silver Wedding.  We “emigrated” to Manchester, when our eldest son, Avi was just 8 months old and we now have two other sons.  Avi graduated from Oxford a couple of years ago and he now works as a journalist in London, Yossi, our second, is at Glasgow University (Politics and Philosophy) and our youngest, Raffi, has just got himself a place to study Medicine at Leicester.  He has taken a gap year in Israel, and we hope and pray that he and all young people in that region will be kept safe in the coming months.

I have continued to work, well throughout everything.  I’m now heavily involved in teaching Medical students here at the University of Manchester Medical School; its wonderful to be surrounded by the young, they’re all so lively and bright.  I also have my own research group.  Our interest is in bone and bone diseases, especially osteoporosis, which even occurs in men.  Research is the thing I still find most exciting, especially as we can relate our discoveries to clinical problems.

We love living up here, and are lucky to have almost instant access to some beautiful countryside in the Peaks and, of course, the Lake District, so we’re keen walkers.  Amazingly, for those that remember the thoroughly unsporting me, my sons are totally the opposite.  So I’ve done my fill of watching school football matches on cold winter evenings and cricket matches on even colder summer afternoons. There is some really good sporting activity on view and I have to confess that, through our sons, I’m now addicted to both “Old Traffords”.

Best wishes
Isobel Braidman