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Jackie Mobbs, nee Shults   (1958-65)

Greetings from The Far North:

We have been in Elgin for 23 years now.  The RAF posted husband, Bill, here, much to my initial disgust but we settled and now love it here. The weather is surprisingly good due to the Gulf Stream, lovely countryside and even fairly civilised, even if it is a 35 mile trip to the theatre. This sometimes gives an excuse for a weekend away.

Having qualified as a doctor I started my first career in Obstetrics and 'Gynae' but when we arrived here there were no specialist facilities for me to work in so I did a career change to General Practice where I have stayed since.  I could use my Obstetric skills in the earlier days until we got a specialist unit, now I do a session in pregnancy scans weekly.

General Practice is very varied, I am the Trainer responsible for the apprentice GP (always think lion trainer would sometimes be more appropriate) and I am School Doctor for Gordonstoun, never a dull moment.  I was recently honoured with a Fellowship of the Royal College of General Practice, having previously got my Fellowship for the 'Obs' and 'Gynae' college, thought my days of wearing robes were over!

We have two sons, Andrew who is a computer "expert" of some kind that defies me, having graduated from Cambridge, and Douglas who is a Civil engineer working in Solihull with a Greek girlfriend.

In my spare time we play Bridge and I still swim!  In more spare time, i.e. holidays, I have done stints as Ships Doctor with the Fred Olsen lines, great fun and a good way to see the world.