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  Liz Hooker, nee Reeves  (1958-65)

I taught in London and Hampshire, then after marrying David Hooker in 1972, taught in Buckinghamshire.  We lived in southern Iran for two years in 1976, then moved to Ontario, Canada in 1978.  We have lived in St. Catharines (near Niagara Falls) for 25 years in a beautiful area, one minute's walk from Lake Ontario. 

Our daughter, Caroline, 28, is a pharmacy technician.  Her wedding to Greg took place over the weekend of the largest blackout in North American history, in August 2003, but we all had a wonderful day despite the difficulties!  Our grand-daughter, Julia, is nearly 7 years old, and loves swimming, gymnastics and piano.  They live very close to us and we see them several times a week.  Greg's daughter from his previous marriage is the same age as Julia - good company for each other! 

Our son, Andrew, 26, graduated from his flying programme at college in 2001 as a commercial pilot and lives at home at the moment.  He works as a flight instructor, charter and sight-seeing pilot, and hopes to be hired soon by a subsidiary of Air Canada. 

I am still teaching 11-14 year olds in St. Catharines, and take my students winter camping "up north" each year for a week in the cold and snow!  Among other activities, we snowshoe, cross-country ski, abseil down a frozen cliff face, and jump into a hole that has been hacked in the frozen lake! Crazy, but the kids love it! 

David returned from China two and a half years ago, after spending several years there working as an engineer.  He is still at home out of choice and hasn't yet decided if he is finally retired!  I am keeping him busy renovating our home.  It's wonderful coming home after a day at school to a cooked meal, the laundry done and all the grocery shopping done and put away.  We are looking forward to perhaps being able to fly with cheap fares in the near future, so we may meet up with our old school friends sooner than later!

Also, I have a couple of pictures from my daughter Caroline's wedding:-


Jean James (Turney), and my twin brother, Chris,
at the  reception









Me with Caroline and my mum
(those who went to Braintcroft might remember her)