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   Willesden County Grammar School                         Ex-Pupils 1924-1967                    

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Maggie Morse, nee Barrell   (left 1960) 

After a spell in the Civil Service I trained as an audiology technician.  Looking down children's ears soon lost its appeal and I went to work for a pharmaceutical company and went into sales.  I went on to work for a German company in technical sales and spent some time in the Fatherland. 

I married Dennis Morse in 1971, and had a son, Daniel, in1973.  Dennis was in the Met Police and yes, he really was Inspector Morse.  He died suddenly in 1989 of a heart attack, and my mother died shortly after, so my dad came to live with us as we had a five bedroom house in Herts.

By this time I was sales and marketing manager of a photographic company, but I gave up full time work to care for dad.  I worked for the NSPCC visiting schools and giving talks to kids, parents, staff and governors, with a view to fund raising.

After four years dad went to stay with my brother (also an Old Uff, 2 years older than me) and I went to work full time at Harlow College as business liaison officer working in local businesses with human resources and staff arranging and designing training courses.

I now live with another ex met officer and moved to Wales six years ago.  I can be found on-line at www.saes.me.uk and my address is:

Red Roofs,
Heol Gors Goch,
SA18 1TN.