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Margaret Munford, nee Elderton   (1957-62) 

I started work at the AA at Leicester Square, London as a shorthand typist. I moved to North Suffolk and thence to South Norfolk after I met my husband-to-be in 1962. I married in 1968 and have 2 sons both married, one of whom has given us a gorgeous grandson and grandaughter, born 2006 and 2008 respectively.

I am a chartered librarian working in the 64million state of the art Norfolk and Norwich Millennium library.

I told the careers bod at WCGS that I wanted to become a journalist and was told to do a secretarial course (??what ! ...how does that work ? - think the chap was a bit fed up when I said I didn't want to become a teacher (there was a dire shortage then too, if you recall).

I did do a secretarial course at Kilburn Poly (hated the course, although I stuck it out - good thing I did with the advantages keyboard skills gives me in my information work) and subsequently worked at the AA in Leicester Square before moving to Norfolk - no........ pavements, street lighting, bus service, flush toilet and a 4 mile cycle ride to work AND..... I stayed !!

Although I left WCGS with very few qualifications, I went on to study for a Social Sciences degree with the O.U. when my sons were little and thereafter another distance learning Library and Information degree (am I MAD !) through the University of Wales at Aberystwyth.

I have also achieved my librarian chartered status so I have B.A., B.Sc (Econ)., MCLIP. after my name. Not bad for someone who, as you may recall, barely achieved average at school.

Would love to know what happened to others in Class 5X of 1962 e.g. Carol White, Margaret Norman, Jacky Bruce (yes - I became a librarian !), Barbara Mooney, Eluned Owen, , Marion Myers, Marion Lovelock, Colin Kilgower, Harry Manber, 'Jacko' Jackson, Phillip Kenton, Michael and David Young (non identical twins),Vera Frinton (from Canada whilst her Dad was doing a med. swop) Pat Packer, Elizabeth Placek, twins Sue and Bob Turnerthe Turner twins Bob, also there was a Paul.....? and a John....?

Have been in touch with Jean Thompson who is in New Zealand, Millicent Fryde and Janet Russell (who works 10 minutes from where I work in Norwich and who lives about 12 miles from me !!).

Just celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary 09/03/08 I plan to carry on working full time for as long as I can - the thought of living on a pension does nothing for me. I enjoy the buzz and challenge of my work - including the discipline of getting up in the morning, getting ready and travelling to work.