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   Willesden County Grammar School                         Ex-Pupils 1924-1967                    

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   Tony Samson (1958-65)

I am currently Head of Information Protection for the International division of Bank of America.  This doesn't mean that I am the chief security guard, but I am responsible for the ‘logical’ protection of the Bank’s wholesale customers’ information.  This includes all the processes involved in moving their significant amounts of money around the world as we have the centralised processing for 40 countries.   As you can imagine life is pretty hectic and interesting dealing with all the different cultures and languages (and that is just the Americans!).

I have lived in leafy Surrey for nearly 21 years with my wife, Des, whom some of you may remember as she is related to Marlene.  We have two sons of 23 and 21.  Mark works for IBM having graduated from Nottingham University (still as popular as it was in our days), so he has obviously inherited his logical mind from his mother!

Simon is currently living at home as he is working in Woking for a year as part of his Marketing degree course.  He has a creative and artistic flair, unlike the rest of the family, but his behaviour during his teenage years was definitely inherited from me! 

I used to play tennis regularly but had to give up when I damaged my cruciate ligament playing netball (don’t ask!).  The consultant advised me not to have an operation due to my age and lack of sporting prowess!  My leisure time is now spent trying to improve my golf in preparation for my retirement.  Des and I play bridge (I learnt something at WCGS!) and we have been married for nearly 30 years despite playing together regularly.  Our other interests include the theatre and enjoying good food and wine.