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"The Rivals" by Sheridan in 1966

Cast in order of appearance:-

Thomas, the Coachman Brian Kerridge
Fag, Captain Absolute's servant John Cozens
Lydia Languish Teresa Sawicka
Lucy, Lydia's maid Danielle Landau
Julia Susan Peppiatt
Mrs Malaprop Valerie Karran
Sir Anthony Absolute Brian Wright
Captain Absolute Tony Gil
Faulkland Chris Radmore
Bob Acres David Prawer
Sir Lucius Graham Burt
David Martin Roche
Boy Danny Beary
Mrs Malaprop's servant Batatunde Tinubu


"The Rivals", first performed at Covent Garden in January 1775, is an outstanding example of the eighteenth century comedy of manners, and is firmly set in the traditional mould of English comedies, that of mistaken identity. 

The main plot revolves around the attempts of young Captain Absolute to gain the hand of the sentimental and fickle Lydia Languish, who is carefully guarded by her watch-dog aunt, Mrs Malaprop. 

Sheridan is clearly poking fun at the accepted paraphernalia of bookish romance, clandestine correspondence, vigilant aunts, irascible tyrannical fathers, servant messengers and of course the duel which the rivals must fight. 

Although such drawing room diplomacy had often appeared in letters and memoirs, Sheridan was the first writer to use all the conventions as the essence of a play.

Write-up in 1966 School Magazine

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Producers Mr.R.J.Truman, Mr.P.D.Pryce
Stage Manager Mr.B.E.Fuller
Lighting and Sound Mr.M.Tribe
Make-Up Mrs M.P.Halliday
Business Manager Mr.M.Stafford
Costumes Miss H.Waterman
  (Costumes mostly made in School)
Scenery Mr.J.May, Miss E.Lingwood
Properties Linda Wald, Lesley Birchmore
Prompter Linda Chambers
Furniture The Old Times Furnishing Company
Programme and tickets designed Mr.M.N.Greenwell
and printed by the Printers' Guild  
at Willesden County Grammer School  
Members - A.Bailey, D.Carter, R.Watts, R.Burke, D.White, C.Scott-Francis, R.Lopez