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Sad News!

With a sad heart I have to share with you that in recent years we have lost a number of Old Uffs and former members of staff, including:-

Beryl Flynn nee Wheals (1958-63)
Chris Page
Brian Fuller (
pupil & teacher)
Ray Green
(years unknown - details see Guestbook)
Alan Thurlow (1956-1961)
Peter Dignam
(years unknown)
Bernard Frost
(years unknown)
June Swatton nee Bertram (1941-?)
Barbara Joyce nee Goodchild (1941-47)
J Langley (1925-30)
Reena Bhavnani (1960-67)
Sheila Muller nee Irons (1945-49)
Marjorie Violet Olivant nee Stephenson (1927-32)
Keith Harlow (1950-58)
Marjory Davies nee Chambers (1932-39)
Peggy Deane nee Hunt (1934-39)
Miriam Sylvester nee Rosenthal (1958-65)
Doris Weston nee Mudge (1924-30)
John Burfitt (1958-63)
Olive Freeman (1930-35)
Peter Sills (1951-56)
Emrys Edwards (staff 1941-81)
Eileen Coxon nee Moffatt (staff 1945-75)
Stephen Barnett (1958-63)
Ray Broughton (1944-51)
Joe Kennedy (staff 1948
Hazel Long nee Orbach (1954-60)
George Witham (1959-65)
Norman Guthrie (1947-55)
John Bowerman (1957-64)
Betty Hannaford (1929-34)
Sue Bartlett nee Brilliant (1944-51)
Ted Brown (1943-51)

We will miss them all.

Old Uffs Chairman


  Doris Weston nee Mudge, former pupil (1924-30)

It is with regret also that we have to inform you that Doris Weston died earlier this year at the age of 96.  Doris Mudge, as she was then, attended Willesden County from 1924-30.  Doris joined the school on its opening day and appears in the first School photograph in 1926!  She was an active participant in most sports while at Willesden, particularly tennis and hockey.  (Indeed we have photographs of her in hockey teams for the School and the Old Uffs!)

Olive Freeman nee Ives, former pupil (1930-35) and School Secretary

It is with regret that we have to inform you that Olive Freeman, former pupil and School Secretary passed away in July.  She always spoke highly of the school, particularly about her old Headmaster Mr Wallace who by all accounts was ahead of his time in education thinking.  Among other things, it was fascinating to hear her talk about the wartime evacuation of the School to Northampton.  She also derived great pleasure from being in contact with the Old Uffs in recent years and was delighted to be able to get to one reunion in 2004.  Her only regret on that occasion was that her husband Ron, also an Old Uff, had not lived to see it. 

Indeed we have a number of references to Olive on the website:-

The School Secretary's Memories in the Old Uffs Section 

Miss Snell's 1931-32 Class in the Class Section

1960 Mr Wallis' 80th Birthday Party  in the Class Section

2004 Old Uffs' Reunion in the Old Uffs Section


* Letter to 'The Mail On Sunday' supporting Grammar Schools*

A letter, written by Old Uff Maggie Morse to The Mail on Sunday on Sunday May 27th 2003
Mail on Sunday May 27th 2007

Sunday Times' Article on City Academies*

An article, written by Robert Booth, covers Lord Foster's involvement in the development of City Academies.  ====>  Sunday Times May 21st 2006

* Teacher's Comments on City Academy*

For comments on the years leading up to the  City Academy in Willesden as printed in the Newstatesman on June 13th 2005   ====>  Teacher Comment 2005

* New Headmaster's Comments*

To read the Head's comments on Capital City Academies as printed in the Daily Telegraph on Wednesday May 11th 2005   ====>  Headmaster Comment 2005


Forthcoming Events

Previous Events

The Annual Old Uffingtonians (1994) AGM/Reunion took place on Sunday 5th October 2008 at the Metropolitan Police Sports Club, Bushey.   For more information contact =====>  Janet Baggett


WCGS Bus Pass Reunion
Saturday November 24th 2007 at South Hampstead Cricket Club -
 for more information, contact Graham Burt


The Annual Old Uffingtonians (1994) AGM/Reunion: Sunday 28th October 2007 at the Metropolitan Police Sports Club, Bushey.   For pictures of the reunion ===>  2007 Bushey Reunion. 


Year 1958-65 '60th' Reunion
Saturday May 19th 2007 at The Noke, St. Albans -
 For more information, contact Tony Samson


The Annual Old Uffingtonians (1994) AGM/Reunion: Sunday 22nd October 2006 at the Metropolitan Police Sports Club, Bushey.   For pictures of the reunion ===>  2006 Bushey Reunion. 


The Annual Old Uffingtonians (1994) AGM/Reunion: Sunday 23rd October 2005 at the Metropolitan Police Sports Club, Bushey.   For pictures of the reunion ===>  2005 Bushey Reunion. 


The Annual Old Uffingtonians (1994) AGM/Reunion: Sunday 24th October 2004 at the Metropolitan Police Sports Club, Bushey.   For pictures of the reunion ===>  2004 Bushey Reunion. 


Year 1958-65 Summer Reunion:  Saturday September 13th 2003 from 12.30pm

e have booked our usual rooms for a buffet lunch and refreshments for the Summer 2003 Reunion at 'The Archduke' Restaurant and Bar, by the Royal Festival Hall, London.  For more information, please contact Tony Skellett or visit the Old Uffs 1958-65 web site Old Uffs 1958-65 .


 Farewell Celebration at Willesden High School:  Saturday 19 July 2003 from 2.00pm onwards.

For ex-pupils/teachers and friends of Willesden High School (WHS), you may be aware that WHS will cease to exist in July 2003 and will be replaced by Capital City Academy.  The old WHS building will be demolished in September of this year.  In order to appropriately say our goodbyes to the old school we would like to commemorate WHS by having one incredible farewell.

This will happen on Saturday 19 July 2003 from 2.00pm onwards.  The main event will take place in the evening when a special performance/presentation will take place in the Main Hall.

For more details, the school contact is  Aniela Czuczelowicz.


Reunion - All those 11 y.o. in 1965:  Saturday Evening May 31st 2003 from 6.30pm

The reunion will be held at a West London Hotel close to the M40 and M25 and opposite a London Underground station.  The Hotel has ample parking and offers a room rate of 49 for those wishing to stay over.  Attendees will be asked to pay to the organisers 20 per head in advance, to cover the cost of a meeting room and a buffet supper.  If you wish to stay the night, we will give you information allowing you to contact and pay the Hotel direct.

All pupils who attended Willesden County Grammar School and were aged 11 years old in 1965 are invited to attend.

We will circulate this information to as many known pupils as possible.  Please help us to inform everybody who may be interested, by contacting your old school friends and make sure they are aware of the event.  If you would like to attend or would like further information, please contact Ralph Goodson , daytime telephone 020 8866 4400.


Classes of '64 Reunion: Saturday 12th April from 4:00 at South Hampstead Cricket Club

Based on the School photograph of 1964, a further re-union has been arranged for Saturday 12th April at South Hampstead Cricket Club (half a mile from the School); starting at 4 o'clock and going through till midnight

Over 150 people have shown an interest, and to cater for this number, a marquee is to be erected on the outfield next to the clubhouse.  To pay for the marquee, we have had to set a ticket price of 20; which will also include a buffet, music, quiz, and the chance to renew friendships from almost forty years ago!!

We have details of the Ibis hotel which is equidistant between Wembley Park & Wembley Central stations and has rooms at 40.  The last date for purchasing tickets is now the end of March.  All requests for tickets should be sent to George Witham at 'Badgers' off Higher Bullen,  Stoford, Yeovil, Somerset BA22 9TZ.  Cheques made payable to George WithamCould you please state how many tickets you require, your address, telephone number, and e-mail address.  Your form in 1964, and location, if known in the photograph (to view, see the Schoolphotos page and be embarrassed !!) who you will be arriving with (again names and form would help), and whether you require details of the Hotel. 

For your information: The Summer 1964 School Magazine has been added to the Magazines Page.