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School Publications over the years!

School Magazine - January  1932

The very first School magazine taking you back to the Old School days prior to the completion of the Doyle Gardens frontage.

School Magazine - April 1932

This 2nd edition, includes the official opening of the School, July 1925 and the first public performance of a School Play in the new School Hall -"Captain Brassbound's Conversion" by G.B. Shaw.

School Opening - May 1932

A selection of prose, poetry and song to celebrate the opening of the Doyle Gardens school frontage on May 2nd 1932.

School Magazine - September  1932

This edition includes the official opening of the  Doyle Gardens frontage from May 1932.

School Magazine - January  1933

In line with Mr Wallis' Welsh traditions, the School plans its first Eisteddfod.

School Magazine - May  1933

The first School Eisteddfod was completed successfully in March with 5 sections and 105 events.

School Magazine - September  1933


School Magazine - January  1934


School Magazine - May  1934


School Magazine - September  1934

The School ten years on .........

School Magazine - January  1935


School Magazine - May  1935


School Magazine - September  1935


School Magazine - January  1936


School Magazine - April  1936


School Magazine - September  1936


School Magazine -January  1937


School Magazine - May  1937


School Magazine - September  1937


School Magazine -January  1938


School Prospectus - 1938 


School Magazine - May  1938


School Magazine - September  1938


School Magazine - January  1939

The last magazine before the War, with the school's impressions of the Sept. 1938 Munich Crisis and a description of the annual School Play, which this year was three one-act plays.

School Magazine - Easter 1943

Draft version from the archives, written somewhere between Northampton and Willesden?

** added 26/5/04 **

School Magazine - Autumn 1943

The first copy since the outbreak of war, with the School still divided in two - in Willesden and Northampton.

School Magazine - Easter 1944


School Magazine - Autumn 1945


School Magazine - Spring 1946

During this period saw the departure of Mr. Butler, Miss Elliott, Miss Hastings, Mr. Jenkins and Miss Williams from the teaching staff.

School Magazine - Summer 1946


School Magazine - Autumn 1946


School Magazine - Spring 1947

This term say the departures of Messers Lowry, Tipper and O'Brien from the teaching staff.

School Magazine - Summer 1947

This magazine records the end of Mr Wallis' reign after 23 years as headmaster ...........

and that the School was stricken with the deaths of the Senior Master, Mr. Southam and prefect, Trevor Brookes.

School Magazine - Autumn 1947

A new headmaster - Mr. W. F. J. Roberts and presentation ceremonies for Mr. Wallis on his retirement.

School Magazine -  Easter  1948


School Magazine -  Summer  1948

Miss Edgell, who has been at County since the beginning, and Senior Master, Mr. 'Pop' Newton retire after 24 and 23 years respectively.

School Magazine -  Christmas  1948

This magazine includes the dedication of the Memorial Plaque presented by the Old Uffs. Association in honour of the scholars who lost their lives in the Second World War.

School Magazine -  Easter  1949

Senior Master, Mr. Forbes and Mr. Holt leave after 21 and 14 years respectively.

School Magazine -  Summer  1949


School Magazine -  Spring  1950


School Magazine -  Summer 1950

The School Silver Jubilee edition; memories of the first 25 years, including the war years.

School Magazine -  Spring  1951


School Magazine -  Summer  1951

At this time there was notably the re-building of the bomb-damaged section of the School and several groups of pupils will have visited the new Festival of Britain (the Festival Hall) on the South Bank.  Also Mrs Smith & Mrs Strachan, members of Staff, depart after many years of teaching.

School Magazine -  Summer  1952


School Magazine - Summer 1953

The year of the Coronation and the School had a new dining-hall and kitchen, with the old dining-room becoming the library.

School Magazine - Summer 1954


School Magazine - Summer 1955


School Magazine - Summer 1956

Miss M. Thomas retires after 25 years and Mr. Jack Barnard, Old Uffs. Football Secretary since its inception in 1932, dies on 23rd Feb. 1956.

School Magazine - Summer 1957

Senior Mistress, Miss J. G. Jarvie retires after 20 years

School Magazine - Summer 1958


School Magazine - Summer 1959


School Magazine - Summer 1960

This year saw the departure of Miss Stevenson, latterly Careers and Upper VIth Mistress, after a stay of 18 years.

School Magazine - Summer 1961


School Magazine - Summer 1962


School Magazine - Summer 1963

Mrs Hughes (Chemistry) and Mr. Taylor (Religious Education) depart after 20 years and 15 years service respectively.

School Magazine - Summer 1964

Senior Mistress, Miss M. W. Kelly and Senior Master Mr. A. E. Crow retire after 34 years and 18 years respectively.

School Magazine - Summer 1965

This summer we saw the departure of Mr & Mrs Bell (The Maths Department!) and Mr. Ede, and the beginnings of the new school buildings, which came into operation during 1966.

School Magazine - Summer 1966

This magazine includes "The Rivals", the last School Play in the School Hall and appropriate references to the career of Mr. L. F. Wallis, who died on Sept. 8th 1965.

School Magazine - Summer 1967

This magazine covers the transition from County to High School and the end of Dr. Roberts' 20-year headmastership.


School Speech Day - March  1949

*** Added 10/4/09 ***

School Speech Day - February  1950

*** Added 10/4/09 ***

School Speech Day - January  1951

*** Added 11/4/09 ***

School Speech Day - February  1952

*** Added 11/4/09 ***

School Speech Day - January  1953

*** Added 11/4/09 ***

School Speech Day - January  1954

*** Added 12/4/09 ***

School Speech Day - February  1955

*** Added 12/4/09 ***

School Speech Day - January  1956

*** Added 29/3/09 ***

Lower School Speech Day - October 1957

*** Added 29/3/09 ***

Lower School Speech Day - October 1960

*** Added 26/3/09 ***

School Speech Day - October 1960

*** Added 30/3/09 ***

Lower School Speech Day - October 1961

*** Added 30/3/09 ***

Lower School Speech Day - October 1962

*** Added 31/3/09 ***

Lower School Speech Day - October 1963

*** Added 31/3/09 ***


Please Help - School Magazines missing from the  Archives!

If you can find any of the following School Magazines in your files in the attic, under the stairs, in the garage etc.; then let the Old Uffs know immediately.  Firstly, they are key to piecing together the School History and secondly we can add them to the web site for all Old Uffs to share!  Over time the plan (or hope) is to collect the full-set and include above, so please have a quick look!   Thanks.

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