Old Uffingtonians Association (1994)

   Willesden County Grammar School                         Ex-Pupils 1924-1967                    


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Old Uffs' Memorabilia over the Years!


Early Days at School - Fred Morton (1924-29)       

Snippets from 1925-31  (Wilf Pay)  

Ted Higgins' Century (1926-32)  **** added 06/07/15 ****

Daphne Blampied's Memories  (1930-37)         

 Bert Hatton's Memories (1930-35)         

School Camps in the Thirties (Jack Summers)         

Jack Summers' Reminiscences (1932-37)         

School in the Thirties - Edward Hargreaves       

Pre-War Memories (Phyllis Hillhouse nee Wilks)         

 The School Secretary's  Memories (Olive Freeman)         

 The Day Before War Broke Out (Sue Bartlet)         

War Time Evacuation to Northampton (Jack  McGrath)             

More Memories  of Evacuation (E. Hargreaves)             

Edward Brown's War Time Memories             

Class  '39 through war (Alan Johnson)             

School in Exile (M.W.K.)             

Wartime Memories - David Tame             

Memories of School in Wartime (Joy Wynde)             

Memories of School in Wartime (Irene Hough nee Riley)  

Memories from 1940-42 (Grahame Smith)     

Memories from 1940-47 (David Davis)     

Memories from 1941-45 ( John McCarthy)           

Some Personal Sports Memories (1943-50)             

More Personal Sports Memories (1943-50)             

John Pearson's Personal Recollections (1947-54)             

Extramural  Activities - Isobel Palmer (1949-56)             

Schooldays 1952-58 (Mike Smith)             

 Thoughts of School in the Fifties (Martin Hine)             

Memories from 1954-61 (Jim Kemeny)

Memories from 1957-64 (Michael Anisfeld)             

Winning the London Old Boys Cup 1970             **** new 26/04/12 ****

Final Memories from School Farewell 2003 (David Swayne)    

Maggie's Grammar School Views      

An Elegy to Mr. Edwards (Christina Giscombe)

2009 Spring Newsletter 

 2011 Spring Newsletter   

2011 Summer Newsletter

2012 Spring  Newsletter                         **** new 21/04/12 ****


1931 Old Uffingtonians' Football Team

1932-34 Old Uffingtonians' Dramatic Society        

1934-5 Old Uffingtonians' Hockey Team

1934 Old Uffingtonians' Hockey Team at Merton Abbey

1935 Old Uffingtonians' Football Team

1937 Old Uffingtonians' Football Team

Little Missenden - Old Uffs' Camp             

1939 Old Uffingtonians' Hockey Team

1939 Old Uffingtonians' Dinner at Abbey Hotel        

1946 Old Uffingtonians' Assoc. Reunion Dinner

1951 Festival of Britain   

1961 Neasden Youth Club  ** added 19/09/13 **

1966 Old Uffingtonians' Cricket Team     

1967 Uffingtonian Singers    

1967 Sunday League Football Team          

In Honoured Memory of these Old Uffingtonians.......

2003 South Hampstead "1964 School Photo" Reunion         

School Farewell - July 2003          

2003 Bushey Reunion     ** updated 19/09/13 **

2004 Bushey Reunion         

2005 Bushey Reunion

2006 Bushey Reunion      

George Witham      

Famous Ex-Pupils

2007 Unveiling of Plaque          

2007 St. Albans "60th" Reunion     

2007 Bushey Reunion     

2007 South Hampstead "Bus Pass" Reunion 

2010 Brockenhurst "1947" Reunion  

2011 Lancaster Gate Reunion   ** added 06/07/11 **

2012  Ivor and Joan's Diamond Wedding    ** added 01/11/12 **

2013  Lancaster Gate Reunion    ** added 19/09/13 **