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Summer 2011 Newsletter


Committee : Chair : Keith Gladden, Secretary : John Gowlett, Treasurer : Ken Thurlow, Archivist : Tony Skellett,
Social : Janet Baggett, John Bottrill, Membership : Patrick Henson,
Standing Members : Paul Benton, Veronica Lupton-Hird


Secretary : John Gowlett :  email : john.gowlett@btinternet.com  (01277 218084)
Membership :  Pat Henson (0788 408 5822) email :
Old Uffs Website : www.olduffs.org



Date of Next AGM/Reunion : Sunday 2nd October 2011


ord From The Membership Secretary :  

My deepest thanks to all of you who have donated to our funds this year and to those who renewed their subscriptions. As time goes by, we will become increasingly dependent on donations and if this year is anything to go by, we have little to fear for the future of our funding. 

Message from Frank Land : 

‘The British Library is collecting oral histories from selected people in a number of categories.  For some reason I was selected for the technology section and my oral history is now available from the British Library.  There is so much of interest locked away in people’s memories and it seems important to try to capture these memories by oral histories, before they pass away.  Is this a possible initiative for the Old Uffs? 

Frank’s suggestion will be discussed at the forthcoming AGM on 2nd October 2011.

 Message from Hilary Brock : (With reference to Uffingtonia Spring 2010.) 

‘I remember Tony Herbert, he also played tennis and in one of the matches played on the courts in the quadrangle, he had a front tooth knocked out by a ball! Our form room (3R) was along the north side and we were able to watch the matches from the window. It must have been the Summer of 1947 since we had previously been in the ATC Hut as class 2R.

In the photo showing the VIth form from 1948, could no. 7 have been Jane Gombay ? She had a younger sister Judy Gombay. I believe the family went to Canada and Judy may have attended McGill University – about 1951/52 ? Jane played hockey. 

Brian Furse was Head Boy that year. He had witnessed an accident when my brakes on my bike failed going down a hill and I crashed into the brick wall of Willesden Telephone Exchange at the bottom ! April 1947 – knocked out three teeth, snapped one in half and dislocated another.

Message from  (Mr) Frank Major : 

Many thanks for the last newsletter with details of the AGM with lists of attendees and apologies. I am 90 years of age now and I have been trying to remember some of the names. I was at the school from 1960 to 1982. Morag Wilson and Fred Whitham I knew very well; other names are ringing bells, such as Paul Benton, Veronica Lupton and Bob Crundwell. 

I have never been able to attend a AGM as I am involved in my church on Sundays, but at the next AGM in October, please give my regards to any who remember me. 

Message from John Hobbs (1952-57) : 

I love receiving all notes and AGM comments. I must however apologise for being unable to attend the next AGM. I am a member of a Match Fishing team and will be competing at that time. Please give my regards to all attendees and I hope to attend in 2012. 

I have had three operations during the past 18 months for bowel cancer. I am pleased to report, thanks to the wonderful care I received from the specialist Doctors and Nurses at Hillingdon Hospital, I am almost fully back to good health. 

Message from Kath Marshall nee Heckford (1934-39) : 

Thank you so much for continuing to send the Old Uffs news. I do appreciate it, although I am always saddened to see yet another of my generation has passed on. I suppose at 88, one has to expect it, although I don’t feel like joining them just yet ! My son runs a small nursery and I am still pricking out, potting on and selling plants. 

Much as I would like to attend the AGMs, the journey from the IOW is a bit much for me, both in time and expense – especially as I do not drive. Please accept my apologies. 

Message from (Miss) Lilian Eaton : 

Thank you for the Spring Newsletter which I read with great interest. I was glad that you had such a good AGM last October with such a good attendance, several from the time I was on the staff at Willesden (1945-1950). I wonder if they would remember me ?  

In spite of advancing years, I try to keep reasonably active but, with arthritis in my knees, walking is not so easy now, and my eyesight has deteriorated being registered last June as “Severely Sight Impaired (Blind)” due to macular degeneration. I can hardly see the words I write and cannot read a newspaper even with a magnifying glass. Distance vision is not so bad so I get out to the shops with the help of Dial-a-Ride – a wonderful service. I’m very lucky. Please give my best wishes to anyone who remembers me. 

[I overlapped with Mr Major, remembering him well, but was not taught by him. Though I had no contact at the school with our other contributors, it gives me great pleasure to see they are still around and pass on their messages.

Pat Henson (1957-64)]