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Spring 2009 Newsletter


Spring 2009

Committee : Chair : Keith Gladden, Secretary : John Gowlett, Treasurer : Ken Thurlow, Archivist : Tony Skellett, Social : Janet Baggett, John Bottrill, Membership : Patrick Henson, Standing Members : Patrick Hussey, Paul Benton 


Secretary : John Gowlett :  email : john.gowlett@btinternet.com         Tel : 01277 218084

Membership :  Patrick Henson : email : patrick.henson@sky.com        Tel : 01923 497030

Website : www.olduffs.org


Date of Next AGM/Reunion : Sunday 4th October 2009 


Chairman’s Introduction 

My fellow Old Uffs – May I thank all of you who have allowed me the privilege of becoming, again, the Chairman of our Association, in this its 15th year. 

May I also thank my predecessor Brian Gurden for all his sterling work, during his three-year tenure. And also wish him every success in his new mayoral responsibilities and other endeavours. 

I look forward to meeting as many of you who can make to the next reunion. 

Keith Gladden


Membership Secretary’s Report

During 2008/09, we  received 174 payments for renewal of membership, of which 55 were donations by lifetime members (those of you who are 70+) who normally enjoy free membership. 33 other lifetime members confirmed their ongoing association by returning their completed renewal/update slips.

I include the renewal/enrolment  form for 2009/10 with this newsletter and look forward to hearing from you. Those who wish to have further information about membership, can contact me at 15 Ashlyn Close, Bushey, Herts WD23 2EJ or by email at  : patrick.henson@sky.com

Pat Henson


Treasurer’s Report

Ken Thurlow

Old Uffingtonians’ Association (1994) 

Minutes of the 14th Annual General Meeting

held on Sunday, October 5th 2008 at the

Metropolitan Police Club, Bushey


1.         Welcome       The chairman, Brian Gurden, opened the meeting at 12.30pm.  He commented on the success of the Association by comparing our membership with that of an old (1694) Foundation school. At a recent function he had spoken with the head teacher who was amazed that the Old Uffingtonians’ membership was greater than their own.   

2.         Apologies for Absence   were received from 44 members.  (Full list attached to these Minutes) 

3.         Chairman’s Report                        Brian began by reporting on the ‘resurrection’ of ‘Uffingtonia’ newsletters.  A spring and summer edition had been published and distributed this year and an autumn edition, nearing completion, was planned for distribution some time before Christmas.  His comments were received with unanimous approval from the floor.  Brian asked for all members to consider making contributions of their reminiscences for this was one of the best ways of ensuring that the Association remained ‘alive’.  With more contributions the newsletter would grow and become increasingly interesting. 

            Brian then moved on to inform the meeting of the sad news of the death, since the summer newsletter, of two association members:

·        Tony Parker  (1934 –1938)

·        Tony Rogers  (1944 –1948)

            He then moved on to record the gratitude of the Association for the work of two founder members who passed away recently:

·        Ted Brown (1943 – 1951) who began the Archive and was a committee member for many years.

·        Sue Bartlett neé Brilliant (1944 – 1951) was a key instigator of the renewed ’94 Association.  She had led the Labour Group on Hampshire County Council and was its first female chairperson.  Brian Gurden attended a recent memorial event organised by the Council. 

From the floor, Pat Hillman gave a tribute to the work of both Ted and Sue for the Association.  She pointed out that the very existence of the present association was the result of a chance telephone conversation when Sue had asked Pat to help her set up a new association.  The result was that 200 former pupils of the school met in a local cricket club and the association was created.  Ted Brown later came forward to collect memorabilia and established the archive.  Although not in good health Sue worked hard for the association.  Both Sue and Ted were very talented people.  Pat concluded by saying that, ’Because of them we are here today and we miss them greatly.’   

4.         Minutes of the 2007 AGM             There were no amendments.  From the floor Rod Wilson proposed that the Minutes be accepted as a fair record. The proposal was seconded by Mike Smith and carried unanimously.   

5.         Matters arising and not already on the Agenda         None 

6.         Membership Secretary Report               Pat Henson reported that at present we were in contact with 719 former pupils of the School. This was a drop from last year as a result of bereavement, loss of contact etc.  However, we were still picking up new members.  107 members had paid a subscription and 52 donations received from life members.  Out of our membership of 719, 276 are over 70 years of age and therefore exempt from membership fees.  Donations were to be encouraged.  From the floor, Brian Clark proposed that life membership be abolished in favour of a membership fee for all.  This was opposed by Rod Wilson.  Pat Hillman suggested that we look at younger members who do not contribute at present but visit the website. She was in favour of leaving the subscription open i.e. no fixed fee.  Following discussion, the chairman suggested that, as there was no current financial problem, we leave the present arrangements as they are.  There was general agreement to this suggestion.  

7.         Social Secretaries’ Report           John Bottrill opened his report with the observation that, ‘I do the talking, Janet does the work’ and that at the end of another ‘packed social agenda, I’m rushed off Janet’s feet’!  It was not easy to organise social events as interested members were geographically very scattered and that it might be better to organise area/local events.  The social secretaries would obviously, if requested, co-operate with and assist any proposed local social events.           

            The date of the AGM was earlier in the month than previous occasions.  John wondered whether this may have contributed to the slightly lower numbers present this year although, of course, there was the benefit of the lighter evening at the end of the day. 

            A letter had been received from Lilian Eaton, which would be displayed with the list of apologies for absence for all to read.   

            Following points made from the floor it was agreed that the date of next year’s AGM/Reunion would be circulated to all former pupils and not just the current membership of the association.  This proposal was enthusiastically approved. 

            It was proposed from the floor that all 719 members of the Association should be divided into (12 – 20?) regions and the membership details made available to everyone in each region in order to facilitate local social events.  Pat Henson indicated there were some data protection issues that would have to be overcome but he was happy to help in any way that he could to set up such a system. 

            Joan Snow spoke of a wonderful day at Wembley Stadium she had experienced and suggested that this would be an excellent venue for a local group for a guided tour etc. 

            It was agreed that the autumn edition of Uffingtonia would be sent out to everyone ‘as far as we can afford it’, rather than just the membership.  (Pat Henson confirmed that the spring newsletter had similarly been distributed but the summer newsletter had been sent only to the membership.) 

8.         Archivist’s Report              Brian Gurden reported that Tony Skellett had not been well and so could not attend the AGM.  This was the reason that this year there were no displayed memorabilia.  Hopefully, when Tony returns to full health, there may be an archivist’s report in the next edition of Uffingtonia and the website brought up-to-date. 

9.         Treasurer’s Report            Ken Thurlow tabled his report for the year ended 5th April 2008.  The balance in hand of £2,788.53 (2007) to £2,816.53 (2008) had shown an increase of some £30.  The aim of the Association is to benefit members.  Looking at the 2008 Accounts, he said that there had been substantial costs during the year for the production and postage on the new Membership cards (£485.05) and that included in the postage for the year was some £60 incurred last year but not paid until after April 2007.

            The accounts for 2008 had still not been audited as a result of the fact that the figures had not been finalised until the end of August and then our auditor, Keith Holland, had been on holiday for three weeks.  The Accounts would be audited in the near future and then published in their final form in the autumn edition of Uffingtonia.   

10.       Election of Officers            Brian Gurden informed the meeting that he sadly had to resign as chairman as a result of a very significant increase in his duties as a councillor as well as family commitments.  He stated that the Association meant a great deal to him and that he wished to remain in close contact. 

            He invited Members to make proposals for the chairmanship of the Association.  John Gowlett proposed Keith Gladden, who was seconded by Paul Benton.  No other proposals were forthcoming.  Keith Gladden was therefore elected, unopposed, as Association Chairman. 

            An invitation was issued to all Members present for those who wished to serve as Committee Members but there were no proposals.  All existing Committee Members were therefore re-elected, unopposed, in their present positions.  Keith Holland was similarly confirmed as Auditor for the Association. 

            Brian reminded the meeting that Len Snow had brought with him copies of three books he had written which were available for purchase.   

            From the floor, Brian Clark proposed a vote of thanks to Brian Gurden for efficiently chairing meetings and for all his hard work in organising events during his period of office.  Brian replied that he would remain in touch and expressed a desire to be an ex officio member of the committee and would be available, if necessary, to assist if requested. 

            Brian Gurden declared the AGM closed at 13.12pm and wished members well for the future.



Ken Baker                                                                          1954-61

Sylvia Barnes nee Hardwick                                     1938-43

Hillary Brock                                                                   1946-52

Judith Bruni – nee Summers                                    1959-56

Stuart Carne                                                                    1937-44

Mike Cater                                                                        1956-63

Colin Chalmers                                                               1950-57

Jean Cotton                                                                                ?

Vic Cotton                                                                         1949-56

Lynda Cracknell nee Day        (Paid)                      1956-60

Geoff Croft                                                                        1947-54

Malcolm Ember                                                              1957-63

Lillian Eaton                                                   1945-50  STAFF

Christine Embury nee Smith                                    1956-61

Barry Fielder                               (Paid)                      1956-63

Wayne Flintham                                                           1955-60

Jill Gist nee Savage                                                      1956-63

Keith Gladden                                                                1954-61

Bob Grundwell                                                               1959-66

David Hatton                                                                  1930-35

Diane Holland nee Day                                               1954-59

Keith Holland                                                                 1955-62

Audrey Hussey nee Bryant                                        1954-59

Pat Hussey                                                                        1954.59

Pam Israel nee Galler                (Paid)                    1954-61

Chris Jackson                                                                 1957-64

Christine Jones                                                              1957-64

Colin Jones                                                                      1956-63

David Jones                                                                     1947-54

Irenr Jones nee Gibbons                                            1949-54

Colin Kilgour                                                                  1957-62

Naomi Koussevitsky  nee Kornbluth                    1951-58

Patricia Moore nee Hewitson-Fisher                   1949-54

Zola Morse nee Freeman                                           1956-63

Maggie Morse nee Barrell                                         1953-60

Jonquil Nicholls nee Ley                                           1954-61

Mick Podd                                      (Paid)                    1952-58

Evelyn Pindor nee Atkinson                                    1932-37

John Redshaw                                                               1957-64

Tony Skellett                                                                 1958-65

David Swayne                                                                1959-66

Roger Tucker                                                                 1957-62

Peter Wale                                                                      1959-64

Spencer Wright                                                             1957-61


All the above either sent apologies via e-mail and letters, also some sent messages via their friends who were attending the re-union. 

Lynda Cracknell, Barry Fielder & Mike Podd sent £7 to attend but could not make it, no refund is expected. 

Pam Israel also paid £7 but wrote to say she could not make it again no refund is wanted.

Members’ Despatches :

David Davis : 1940-47 “The Comic of the Sixth” (according to the Autumn 46 magazine)



Rudi Oppenheimer : 1946-50


Margaret Vigor nee Gibbs 1943-50

I am always surprised at how life produces turns and changes that had never been considered.

I had my life worked out. I left school to become a radiographer, as suggested by Miss Stevenson, and I enjoyed the work but, marriage, 4 children and an unwanted move to Australia changed my ideas of a settled life. Then my husband left me and Australia did not accept my English radiographer qualifications, so I worked at a variety of jobs while I raised the children.

Mr (Gough) Whitlam kindly funded mature age students to get further education so made it possible for me to go to University and study as a Social Worker. Then I was offered a job at a homeless men's shelter working with alcoholics, and I loved it ! What a surprise – I had never before had any contact with anyone drunk and I fall over after 2 glasses of sherry ! I also got involved in the field of Loss and Grief and for many years at work and since I retired, I have lectured and run workshops and counselled in both these areas.

25 years ago, I married an Australian and we have been retired now for 17 years, living in a lovely small, country town. With so many voluntary activities, I am busier now than I ever was.

So life is not the way I planned it but, with a wonderful husband, 4 children, 2 step children, 9 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren, I couldn’t have dreamed of anything better.


Derrick Parish : 1950-57

While at WCGS I was a Prefect and Captain of the Normans team. On the First Eleven in
Soccer and Cricket. Earned my colors in 1956 for discus and javelin. Was a member of the
Royal Air force air cadets at WCGS. Left to emigrate to Canada in 1957 and started high
school in Hamilton, Ontario to make up for English lower level GCE (Miss Carr-Ugh!) .
Joined the Royal Canadian Air force in 1957 and graduated top of radar electronics school.
Served all over Canada working on Anti-submarine aircraft. Joined Canadair Ltd in
Montreal, Quebec in 1962 working on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for the British and German
Armies. Received scholarship from company to attend Sir George Williams University in
Montreal and graduated in 1969 with honors degree in Maths and Physics. Worked as an
engineer for Canadair until 1971 whereupon emigrated to USA to join my parents. Married at
that time to a Canadian girl and had two children, both girls (unfortunately wife
deceased). Joined Martin Marietta Corp in Denver, Colorado in 1971 and worked as an
engineer on many space programs including Viking -Mission to Mars (name is on the Viking
Spacecraft on the Planet Mars). Joined the procurement organization and was promoted to
Manager of Subcontract Management working on MX and Titan Missile Programs. Left to join
LTV (Lockheed Missiles Division) as Director of Procurement with acquisition
responsibility on missile programs including Anti Satellite, Multiple Launch Rocket
Systems, Hypervelocity Missile System, etc. Joined Sierra Nevada Corp in Reno, Nevada as
Director of Operations with procurement, manufacturing, test and manufacturing engineering
responsibility. Worked on programs with US Navy, Marine Corp and companies in China and
Turkey. Retired from aerospace and defense and became a Commercial Real Estate Broker with
Coldwell Banker and presently Sperry Van Ness. Hold the prestigious Certified Commercial
Investment Member (CCIM) designation. Now remarried and reside in Granbury, Texas 30 miles
to the SW of Fort Worth, Texas. Children live in Denver, CO and San Antonio, TX. Have 4
grand children. Best friends from WCGS include Alan Nethercott, Gordon Palmer, and Ron
Lewis. Gordon visited us last year in Texas.


Doug D (Davies) Lloyd : 1939-1944

I am/was reading disabled. It was clear that I would never pass an English exam. As that meant that I could never go to a grammar school such as WCGS. I was transferred into a vocation school at age 9 1/2. I should have been evacuated with that vocational school on Sept 2nd  1939 but because I turned up with my brother at WCGS I was evacuated with them. I was constantly concerned that some teacher would notice that I could not read or write - but that never happened. Obviously I could not pass my General School Certificate at the levels required for Matriculation. But I did my Higher national Certificate in one year (rather than two) and entered University College London to work in the Lab where Faraday invented electricity.  

My Dad sold the house where I lived and I was on the streets for two years corresponding to my second and third college years. I failed my final exams but got in all my required attendances which meant that I could re-take my finals which I did two year later after two years in the Army.

After three years with EMI working on the electronics for an anti ballistic missile, I immigrated to the USA.

I wanted a change. I changed my technical field to the design of pipe couplings. Also I changed my size of town from London (9 million) and Northampton (200,000) to Bradford PA (15,000).

It turned out that Harvard Graduate Business School agreed with me that a mix of  cultural setting including town size was a necessary requirement for a fully diversified class and they brought me in for interview. Because I had created a program in Hong Kong for NCOs while facing 1.6 million Chinese, HBS gave me a two year scholarship. I graduated from HBS in 1956. 

I went to work for Raytheon and converted an old radio tube manufacturing plant to the manufacturer of the world's most advance guidance computer.

I next went to ABA to run a pure physics basic research lab.

After 3 years I answered a NASA add for a "crazy" and was given the impossible task of finding the Apollo landing sites with half the orbiting cameras that were required. I wrote the strategy for finding the Lunar Landing sites and the first space exploration mission planning document.

The first Lunar Orbiter correctly orbited the moon and we felt that we had lassoed the moon. Unfortunately, the camera had a serious fault - was not getting photos. I suggested that we take the first photo of the Earth which I took on Aug 23, 1966. I brought a copy of that photo to WCGS but I do not know if it was hung on the walls.

I obtained a PhD in Political Science in 1976 on the deregulation of Telecomm.

I did six years at Bell Labs on Software Research which period was interrupted by my having testicular cancer.

I joined Western Union May 1, 79. I sold and installed the FIRST fiber-optics link between commercial buildings. I created a joint venture for the creation of the first Metropolitan Area fiber network. I created from scratch (with no money for networks and no products/services to sell) W.U. International business.

I was one of seven men who deregulated U.K. telecomms.

I set up the first cellular system devoted to Yachts - in the British Virgin Islands. This was the first use of USA cellular technology outside the USA (and Canada). I extended that service throughout the Easter Caribbean including the French Islands. (Can you imagine the French using USA cellular technology)

Some twenty years ago I formed, with my friend Gills Fryman, the "Association of OnLine Cancer Resources" which has become the dominant Online cancer organization with 159 On-line Doctors who are cancer specialists. www.acor.org .We send out 1.5 million advisory emails per week. In doing this we have created "participatory" medicine for Cancer.

Currently I am creating a report title " Managing the Earth Using the Goal of Maximizing Societal Wealth". It may be viewed as an update of Adam Smith's book. Fundamentally it is a design for the Management of the Earth - A little like designing the E.U. but on  grander scale. If you know anyone who might be interested in joining me on that Report - please have them contact me by email.

NB : Doug has published an autobiography of his life during WWII entitled :


Ref : Douglas D Lloyd ISBN 0-9753203-1-9 Publisher Xploreing, Inc.


Miss Lilian H Eaton : 1945-50

I was sorry to see that Mrs Coxon had died. We were both appointed to the staff in 1945.  Looking at the list, I wonder if I am one of the few survivors of the staff of 1945-50.

I have such happy memories of my time at Willesden County Grammar as I expect you have. It was a good school and the pupils hard working and a joy to teachers. It is rewarding that they have done so well in their chosen careers. I hope that some of them will remember me!

Best wishes. Keep up the good work.


Patricia Moore nee Hewittson-Fisher : 1949-54

From the Gulf Coast. 

I left the County in 1954, impatient to get on with my life.  I married a GI and came to the US where I settled in Cleveland, Ohio.  Not recommended with it's 100 degree annual weather changes from 90 degree summers to below zero winters.

I went to college at the same time as my oldest daughter, got a B.Sc in Behavioral Science, and an M.Sc. in Organizational Development. I worked as an OD consultant for many years and VP Human Resources for a manufacturing Co. I then started my own business as a Tahitian Pearl Dealer. Did many trips to Tahiti till I retired a few years ago.

My husband and I moved to the Gulf Coast of Florida 15 yrs ago where I write (had a short story published last year) sail, and play tennis.

We have flat in SW England in Dorset where we spend time every year when the weather cooperates. 

I married three times, have three children and two grandchildren.


David Tame : 1942-44

Thanks for the members list. Although only at the school for a short period, I was please to note the names of some people I knew ; Eric Sercombe, Margaret Gibbs, Joy Hunt, Basil Imber and Joyce Lewis. I doubt if any would remember me but it would be nice to hear from any that might have a vague memory of me ! I left in 1944 to accept a place at Willesden Technical College. Whilst in South Africa From 1957-78, I met only people who had relatives at the school but names escape me. I was perhaps one of few who had to travel on the old steam trains from Harrow & Wealdstone not being a local resident.


Brian Pearl : 1950-58

Salutations ! Whilst glancing through the list of Old Uffs, I noticed a mistaken entry. Robert (Bob) Margrain came to WCGS, together with myself and John Boylon, from Christchurch School in Willesden Lane, in the Summer of 1950 (not 1951 as you record).

I remember seeing my first ‘real’ football match with him – Chelsea v Wolves, and playing tennis with him on the court facing two double huts, which were our classrooms,  using books as tennis racquets !



Eric Sercombe 1942-49


Doris Edith Weston (nee Mudge) 


I'm Doris' son, and I'm sorry to have to tell you that my mother died earlier this month at the age of 96. I believe she attended Willesden County from 1924 to 1930, and I thought you might want to note the fact on your web-site. I attach a copy of the eulogy read at her funeral service, from which there may be some details you'd want to extract. She last attended a reunion in 1994, shortly after moving into a nursing home. If there are any other details you'd like, please let me know.

All the best

Pete Weston

PS I'm also attaching a photo of a school hockey team - I'm afraid I don't know what year, but judging from my mother's appearance (she's front row extreme right), I'd guess 1928 or 1929.


Doris Edith WESTON: A Verbal Vignette

The youngest of four children, Doris was born in Willesden, north-west London, on the 19th August, 1912, to Percy and Florence Mudge. At the tender age of six her childhood was marred by loss of her father, an accountant for the Kodak Company, to the influenza epidemic of 1918. During the 1920’s she attended Furness Road Elementary School and Willesden County Grammar and was an active participant in most sports, paticularly tennis and hockey. She then moved on to Fursedown College in SW London, where she trained to be a Primary School teacher, and returned to teach at her own primary school – Furness Road.

She married Richard ‘Dick’ Weston in 1942, moved to Harrow (NW London again!) and continued to teach until her first son – Richard – was born in 1945. In 1947, her elder sister, Kath, died at the age of 43 – a great loss. At about the same time, Dick – who had been enlisted into the Royal Navy at the end of the war and posted to Australia – contracted tuberculosis, and was confined to a sanatorium for many months. They were effectively separated for three years. 

Her second son – Peter – was born in 1951 and, once he had started school, she resumed her teaching career at Greenhill Primary School, where she worked from 1962 to 1976, initially as a class teacher and eventually as a teacher of remedial reading. From the late 1950s onwards, she had become passionately involved in the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, and in the development of the Oxfam campaign, helping to set up the first Oxfam ‘shop’ in Harrow. She was also confirmed into the Christian faith at St. Paul’s Cathedral during this time. 

In 1963 the family moved from Harrow to Little Chalfont in Buckinghamshire and she became very involved with St Mary Magdalene’s in nearby Latimer, whilst continuing to commute back to Harrow to teach at Greenhill (ironically renamed as Marlborough School in the late 60s) and to continue to work in the Oxfam shop there. 

Sadly in 1974 her marriage with Dick ended, and in 1976 she began her association with our town of Marlborough, choosing this location as a convenient mid-point between her two sons, Richard, who lived and worked in London, and Peter in Bristol.  Living in St. Martin’s, she would become a regular church-goer at this church of St. Mary’s, later helping out as a Sideswoman, whilst also continuing her commitment toward charitable work. She was a particularly enthusiastic supporter of Amnesty International, being well-known as a great fund-raiser for this cause, but would also give much time helping out in the Oxfam shop in the High Street. 

Doris led an active retirement being highly committed to her charitable work and to being a peace campaigner, but she was also a leading light in the Marlborough branch of the Churches Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies, where she assumed the responsibility of Treasurer. By 1990 her activity had become impaired by the slow onset of dementia, and by 1994 she had moved into her first nursing home. She would later move to Marlborough Lodge where she would receive full time care and remain for the rest of her days. I believe she was a great help to those who ran the home during the earlier stages of her illness, but as time progressed her conditioned worsened and she became severely immobile for the last few years of her life. 

Doris has been described to me as a bright and intelligent extrovert, but one who was slightly apprehensive of being so, one who was determined to be helpful and outward-looking in society. She had boundless energy and enthusiasm. She dealt with the setbacks in her life with courage, no doubt supported by her active and very real Christian faith. She never ran a car, always taking buses and trains to visit any she could help, especially those in need, and was known to be good, kind and considerate. 

In Shakespeare’s words, we can indeed ‘praise her worth’.



School Hockey Team circe 1928/29 

Doris is in the front row extreme right. 

Can you name any others ?


Peggy Deane (nee Hunt)

Dear Patrick

Although she never joined the Old Uffs, I thought you would want to know of the death of my oldest friend Peggy Deane (nee Hunt) who was at Willesden County School with me 1934 to 1939. Her funeral is next Tuesday 10th February in St Albans

If there is anything further you need to know, please contact me 


Joan Snow


Others We Have Lost 

Miriam Sylvester nee Rosenthal (1958-65)
John Burfitt (1958-63) 

Joy Wynde nee Hunt (1942-47)


Pat Hussey – Some News from Downunder 


Paul Murrell, Ron Furness, Patrick Hussey and Audrey Hussey.


Re union for the class of ’59 held in Sydney Australia Oct 5th 2008, well some of us anyway.

Paul Murrell (aka McAllister) and Ron Furness emigrated to Australia some 40 odd years ago and we finally met up with Paul for the first time since he left and Ron for the 2nd time in Australia in 2 years. Before that we last met up with Ron and his wife when he visited us in the UK in 2003. It was not just a coincidence that it was at the same time as the AGM etc in Watford we planned it that way once we knew we were going to the Antipodes. The photograph was taken in Ron’s garden which is perched up on a hill just outside of Sydney, needless to say the days we were meeting Ron and Paul it rained not quite the weather they were expecting or are used to, but we felt quite at home.


Old Uffs (1994) Membership Renewal Slip –  2009/10


Please enrol/renew me/us/my/our membership. (NB : free if age is over 70

I enclose a cheque to Old Uffingtonians Association (1994) for £7/£10 (single/joint membership).



Years of Attendance …………………………………………………………………………… 

(*New) Address : ……………………………………………………………………………… 




email address : (your’s or a friend’s)…………………………………………………………. 

(* if applicable)


Please return to Pat Henson, 15 Ashlyn Close, Bushey, Herts WD23 2EJ

tel : 01923 497030                                  email : patrick.henson@sky.com