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2007 Old Uffingtonians' "Bus Pass"
Reunion at South Hampstead


The above school reunion took place on Saturday 24th November at South Hampstead Cricket Club from 6.00pm.  The reunion was primarily to mark the fact that those in the 5th Form in the school year 1963/64 had or were about to reach the ripe old age of 60.  The reunion was of course open to other years but was attended mostly by those in the aforementioned year and those within a few years above or below that year.

There were some 70 or so attendees over the course of the evening and various ‘pupils’ flew in from abroad for the event namely Martin and Liz Roche from Germany, Graham Warren from Vienna and Linda Edge from Mallorca.

Star guests were former teachers Brian Fuller and his wife Alison, herself a former pupil, Bill Madin and John May.  They were all no doubt surprised to learn just how popular they had been as eager former pupils took turns in chatting with them about school days and later.

John May, our favourite Art Master, brought along miniature versions of portraits that he had drawn of pupils from our years and asked us to identify those that he could not.  Many remain unidentified and these now appear on the Old Uffs website.

The evening went very well.  There was an excellent buffet, which all enjoyed, and no shortage of beverages available from the bar.  A music system was engaged for the evening and sixties music was played exclusively.  Indeed towards the latter part of the evening certain persons were seen dancing including our erstwhile Art Master.

A quiz containing 20 excellent questions about the 60’s was set by Brian Wright and there were many 'oohs' and 'aahs' as the answers were read out by him.  CD’s of 60’s music, of course, were presented to the winners and runners up.

This had been the first such reunion for that age group since April 2003.  The previous reunions were very much the inspiration of George Witham, who sadly died last year.  However knowing George’s enthusiasm for reunions both big and small, he was no doubt there with us in spirit.

This time it was Richard Willey, who managed to persuade enough of us to form a committee.  He along with Graham Burt and Judith Bruni were the real workhorses but sadly Graham could not attend as he was abroad with his family, celebrating his, er, 60th birthday!  Others involved in meetings were Ron Bergin, Ray Pearl. and Bob Holder.  All live in different locations stretching from the Cotswolds to Colchester and it was my task to try to arrange meetings for all to attend in a hostelry in Watford, which was considered a ‘central’ location.

However it was all worthwhile in the end and we look forward to the next one in a few years, when someone new decides to take it all on!

David Swayne
WCGS 1959-1966


Some photos, shown below, from the Old Uffs' "Bus Pass" Reunion were provided by
David Swayne, Martin Roche, Judith Bruni and Brian Wright.

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1) David Swayne, John May and Terry Yason
2) Rachel Cottis nee Warburton and Bill Madin
3) David Swayne and Peter Wale
4) John May and Judith Bruni
5) ? and Richard Willey
6) John May, Sheila Smith and William Madin
7) Geoff Bardell and ?
8) Ray Pearl, Peter Wale and Bob Holder
9) Linda Cording and Carol Reynolds
10) Paul Lefrere, Valerie Karran and Martin Roche
11) Bob Holder, Valerie Karran and Norma Oliver
12) George Hayes and Jo Prestedge
13) Peter Wale, Linda Cording, Carol Reynolds, Martin Roche and Brian Wright
14) Martin Roche and Mike Clarke (the DJ)
15) Valerie Karran and Brian Kerridge
16) ? and Norma Oliver
17) Claire Goldschmidt