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Mr Wallis' Birthday at Worthing in 1960!

To celebrate Mr L. F.Wallis' 80th Birthday, a dinner was held in Worthing with his old staff and ex-pupils from his period as founder headmaster of Willesden County School from 1924-47.

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Dora Martyr (nee Nissen) & Mr. Wallis
Includes in the back ground: Mr. Wallis, Miss Jarvie & Miss Kelly,

In the foreground: Bessie Harris & Mrs Bean (nee Child)

Mr. Ronald & Mrs Hilda Hitchcock (nee Gould), Bessie Harris & Rita Baker
Mr. Wallis with 'Pop' Newton in the background on his right
'Pop' Newton and Ron Freeman with Olive Freeman (nee Ives - old School Secretary) behind.
The reception with Daphne Blampied (left), Miss Kelly (centre) and Mr. Hitchcock (right)
On the left; Mr. Lowry, Gwyneth Thomas, Mr. Small, Doris Mudge, Muriel Mitcham

On the right; includes Mr. Eddon.

On the left: Amy Lee, Butchard, Bessie Harris, Frank Ford, Jo Clifford (Mrs Ford)

Mr. Hitchcock and Miss Kelly (top table)

On the right; includes Ted Higgins, Phillips

Includes; 'Nosher' Robertson (front left),

Miss Kelly, 'Pop' Newton, Miss Jarvie & Mr. Wallis (top table),

Connie Tozer, Cathy Callaghan, Joan Barnden & Clara Ife (right)

Includes; Mr. Parker (top left),

Mr. Wallis and Helen Wallis (top table),

Miss Carr (middle right)

Includes; P. Birch, Fincken, Marion Buck (left)

Daphne Blampied & Arthur Sills (front right - whose idea it all was!)

Mr. Wallis and Helen Wallis (his daughter) and Miss Kelly (background)
Mr. Wallis and Helen Wallis (his daughter) with Mr. Parker (left) and Miss Kelly (background)
From the left; Mr. Wallis, Doris Mudge, Miss Jarvie, Daphne Blampied, 'Pop' Newton, Muriel Mitcham (back view) and Miss Child
Arthur Sills and Mr. Wallis with Gwyneth Thomas passing infront.