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People and Places in the '30s

Pictures donated by Jack Summers (1932-38)

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View from Robson Avenue

This shows Roundwood Park from Robson Avenue with old Harlesden Road curving away.  Out of sight to the left is Hersant's Field where a local butcher trading at Jubilee Clock grazed livestock until the late 1930s.  Further up the road on the left beyond Doyle Gardens is Haycroft Farm where United Dairies had a depot and stable from where the milk cart will have come.


View of old Harlesden Lane

This shows old Harlesden Lane from the junction with Longstone Avenue looking down towards Robson Avenue & Doyle Gardens and down which generations of Willesden County pupils would have walked daily to and from school.  At one time the sole road between Willesden Green and Harlesden, it retained its character as a small country lane until the late 40s. 

On the right is Cozen's Field and to the left is the fence bordering Longstone House, Lord Furness' estate, which once included Roundwood Park and much else.  The big house was finally demolished in the 1930s.  The story of the Furness family is a particularly tragic one with many of them killed in a boating accident in lake Killarney in Ireland.



Pupils Strolling in Park Parade, Harlesden


Outside the School, Early 1934
Dorothy Gent (1933-39) outside the School early in 1934.   In 1944 she married Jack Summers (1932-38) and their daughter Judith Summers (1958-66) was the first pupil to have both parents as Old Scholars.


1934 School Uniform
Dorothy Gent and close friend, Peggy Ray as first-years modelling their new school uniform



Plus some additional school photos from the early 1930s (unknown source):-


With Willie Watson in the left and Briggs in the rightmost picture above.



Plus some further photos from the 1930s (unknown source):-  
Dennis Gillman, Daphne Smith, ? , Evelyn Atkinson & Gwyneth Thomas - taking a stroll along the prom'!
Jack Barnard, Bill Barnard, Jack Langley & Ferdie Whittaker
Jimmy Neve, Bill Barnard, Jack Langley & Ferdie Whittaker
Back row: - ?, Bill Fairley, Alec Harvey, ?, ?, ?, Bill Barnard

Front row:- George Fincken, Fred Lockyer, ?, Norman Robertson