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School in 2001!

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School Tour

From the outside as you approach the School not a great deal seems to have changed (although the more observant might notice the small balcony at the base of the tower has been removed) .....

 ........... but, the front-door access is wheel-chair friendly (no steps and with a ramp directly from the road, which splits the drive) and the front-door is locked and access is controlled by reception.  On entry you step into a large reception area and to the left and right there are administrative offices .  Beyond is the main corridor........

The photo is looking down the main corridor towards the stage end of the old hall, with the doorway on the left to reception .  There are no classrooms on the left at the front of the School (reception and admin functions only).  This was once, memory tells me, a bright corridor with daylight streaming through from the front classes.  Now it's not so bright, with no real daylight even on the brightest of days.  However there's still the old wood-block flooring and still highly polished.  The door to the right leads into the cafeteria, which was once part of the school hall.  The remaining parts of the old hall (and stage) has been divided into two separate functional areas.  

Stepping into the cafeteria is a bit of a cultural shock.  There's no school hall, no high ceiling, no wall-bars, no ropes etc.  Instead looking towards the rear of the old hall and balcony, there's the view of the cafeteria food counter .  Its kitchen area goes right back to the playground, so I believe there's no ground floor corridor remaining.  The balcony area is now taken with toilets (when I think of what the VIth formers used to get up to here during assembly, may be this is appropriate!)

This view is looking towards the old quad with the cafeteria covered entrance and eating area outside.  Difficult to play five-a-side football out there now.

I looked for the old school library (photographs of which are on "Ann's School Pictures" page) but found only teachers' areas.  Although I did come across the library (shown above), where the old chemistry lab used to be - an improvement I thought. 

The Music room however was still there, albeit with modern equipment!

From the corridor outside the Music room, looking across towards Uffington Road, there's the view of the back of the school (or where it used to be!).  Gone is the 1924 part of the school with the two sides of the quad, the biology lab, two rows of classes where the lower school used to frequent, the bike sheds (!) and beyond alas the football pitch.  Also, although not obvious, the school field has been substantially increased by pushing the northern boundary almost to the top of Uffington Road.  (This occurred in the final stages of the 1966 building programme.)

Turning to the left from this corridor window you can see the covered area, in the old quad, outside of the cafeteria.  Gone is the archway from the old Physics lab (leading to the back of the school) with the old ATC hut in the background.   Modern times are reflected by the security camera perched high-up.

This view is looking back into the old quad, from the 'modern' school section.  The old ATC hut would have been on the left, with the old tennis court and dining rooms behind, looking at the old Physics lab downstairs and Chemistry lab upstairs.

This view is looking into the old quad from the old archway, looking at the covered area to/from the cafeteria.

other views of the old quad and old '1930s'/new '1960s' school from the field (added May 2003).

These two photos reflect the eastern side of the school.  Upstairs was the Art room and currently still the Music room.  However downstairs, where used to be the Prefects' room, Woodwork and Cookery classrooms etc., this part of the school appears to be closed.  Gone are also the prefab classes for the first years and the grass tennis courts.

Now outside the school looking west along Doyle Gardens we have similar non-changing views to our days.

Then turning right at the end of Doyle Gardens and looking towards the 226 bus stops and Roundwood Park.

And finally the now famous road sign, showing a little sign of wear!

Please note that you can also get a top-down view of the school from the aerial photos within the map link on the Links Page.

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