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'End of an Era' in late 2003/early 2004!

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Photographs provided by Bruce Buckingham, 1948-55

The Old School (as at 14th October)

From Doyle Gardens - All looks well? 
Roof missing a few tiles!
 'Classic' Doyle Gardens frontage from SE
 Eastern end of School, from the SE
 From the east, looking along the main building  without the old hall
The rear of the main building from the new Academy in the NE

The Old School (as at 4th November)

A pile of rubble instead of the 1930's School, from the east

From the entrance to the new Academy, looking across to the demolition of the 1960's building

A pile of rubble, from the east.  As a point of reference, see the fir tree in the earlier photographs near the old front door

The Old School Area (as at 16th December)

From the Academy looking towards Uffington Road, but no sign now of the old School.

From Uffington Road looking across the old School site towards the Academy and ..............

........ The final remains! ........  RIP

The Old School Area (as at 27th January 2004)

Looking north from Doyle Gardens, across where the eastern half used to be of old School main building

'All clear' or maybe 'all mud' from Uffington Road looking across the old School site towards the Academy.


Photographs provided by Martin Jennings, 1960-67

The New & Old School (as at 20th December)

Taken from Uffington Road - houses on Doyle Gardens on the right - looking across the area of the old school to the car park of the new Academy.
The new Academy and its walk-way
The reverse view; taken from the car park at the front of the new Academy,  looking straight across to Uffington Road with Doyle Gardens on the left.