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Staff History over the years!

The following is an attempt to list the arrivals and departures of the staff over the years 1924-67.
 Please let the Old Uffs know of any errors or omissions.  Thanks.

Plus thanks to Hilary Brock for a number of updates, 30/7/13.


Year Arrivals Subject Departures
Sept.1924 School Opening
Mr L.F. Wallis Head
Miss Eleanor Child English & History,  Senior Mistress
Miss Hilda Gould English & French
Mr Frank Southam Maths, Physics & Cricket
Mr Ronald Hitchcock Physics & Chemistry
Miss Edgell Girls P.E.
Capt Hyde Boys P.E.
1925 Miss D.E. Kibble
Mr Robertson Boys P.E.
1926 Mr P.J. Smith Maths
Mr J. Parker Woodwork
1927 Miss Anderson Games & French/German Miss D.E. Kibble
1928 Mr L.V. Jenkins English, Latin Miss Hilda Gould (became Hitchcock)
Miss Snell (became Mrs Smith) English, Latin
1929 Mr C.N.G. Small Geography, Commerce Miss Eleanor Child became Mrs Bean
1930 Miss Marion W. Kelly History
Sept 1931 Miss Thomas Latin? & School Play Productions with Miss Kelly
Miss Slatter
Mr Todd
Sept 1932 Miss A Gaetsky German Miss Anderson (now Mrs Wolfe)
Miss Capell Modern Langs & History Mr Robertson
Mr Knibbs Boys PE/Games & Maths
Sept 1933 Miss I.J. Ingham Biology & Mathematics
Sept 1934 Titsey exchanged for Princes Risborough Miss Gough
Mr R.B. O'Brien Maths, Games Miss Slatter
Mr White Miss Acock
Mr Batchelor Mr Hoffman
Miss Tompkins Mr Davenport
Mr Ronald Hitchcock
May 1935 Mr  MacGregor
Sept 1935 Mr C.A. Lowry Maths, Music Miss Crocker
Mr Chas. Holt Chemistry Miss Neill
Mr J.C. Lowe English, Scripture Miss Lambert-Gibson
Miss P.M. Warner History, English Mr Batchelor
Miss V.M. Cowell Domestic Science Mr Wilson
Plus 1? Miss Hincks
Sept 1936 Miss E. C. Ross, M.A. German,French,Scripture
Jan 1936 Dr Frances M. Horton Biology Miss Goodchild
Jan 1937 Dr Frances M. Horton
became Mrs Holt
May 1937 Mr White
Mr McGregor
Sep 1937 Miss Elizabeth A. Carr PT, English
Mr J.L. Eddon History, Geography, PT
Mr J.T. Powell Commercial
Mr H.V. Hoffman Chemistry
Sep 1938 Miss Bachmann Miss Warner USA year exchange
1939 Mr C.N.G. Small
1941 Miss Iris H.R. Stevenson Geography/Economics
1942 Miss Gertrude E. Marston German
1943/4 Miss Cussans General Science/Chemistry Mr. P.J.Smith
Miss Mostyn Mrs Chalker
Miss Martin Mrs Padmore
Mrs Hughes
Easter '44 student teachers
Miss Epstein, Johnson & Worthington
Autumn '45 Miss Lilian Eaton Biology Miss I.J. Ingham
Miss Moffatt? Biology Mr Mummery
Miss Stephan (died)
Spring '46 Miss Caldwell Domestic Science Miss L. Hastings (Domestic Science)
Miss Carr French (2R) Mr L.V.Jenkins
Mr Burfitt
Mr C. Butler
Miss A.M. Williams
Miss D. Elliott
Summer '46 Mr. W. V. Todd
Autumn '46 Mr A. E. Crow Mr Lowry
Miss Lingwood Art
Mr Rees Physical Education
Mr Mortimore French/German
Mr N.J. Smart English
Mr Bell Maths
Spring '47 Mr C. Tipper
Mr O'Brien
Summer '47 Mr Wallis
Autumn '47 Mr W.F.J. Roberts Headmaster
Mr Naughton Mathematics
Mr Wheeler Mathematics & Music (pianist)
Dr Wolfes German
Xmas '48 Mr Kennedy Miss Thurston
Miss Broomfield PT and Games Mrs White (nee Bromfield)
Miss Thurston
Mrs Strachan (returns) = Miss Gaetsky German
Mr Taylor Music/R.I.
Easter '48 Mr. Usher Mathematics Mrs Wilson (stand-in since
Mrs Lecuyer (for Miss Riddell)=Mrs Faure French Mr Southam's death)
Mr Roberts received his Ph.D 17/2/49
in English at University College, London
Summer '48 Miss Edgell
Mr Herbert G. Newton ('Pop' Geography)
Dr Wolfes
Summer '49 Mr Ryan Physics
Mr Edwards Chemistry
Sept '49 Mr Madin Music
Mr Tovey Physics
Easter '49 Mr. Taylor Mr. Forbes
Mr. Holt
Summer '49 Mr Roberts became Dr. Roberts Mr Hodkinson
Mr Edwards Mr Green (English)
Mr Ryan Mr Jones
Spring '50 Miss Smith Miss Lilian Eaton
Mr Tovey  
Mr Madin Music  
Mrs Wilson (return) Girls' Games
Sept '50 Mr Pollard Biology
Spring '51 Mlle Bresollier
Herr Aigner + Herr Braun from Koln German Exchange teacher
Mr John Cain
Mr Ede
Mr Rule
Summer '51 Mrs Smith
Mrs A Strachan (nee Gaetsky)
1951/2 Miss Ascher German Mr Naughton
Miss B Thomas English Mr Wheeler
Mr Stacey Latin (Mr Rees on year exchange)
Mr Measell
1952/3 Mrs Bell Maths Mrs Stevens
Mrs Stevens Mr Perry
Mrs Williamson Physical Education Miss B. Thomas
Mr Gurney Mr Stacey
Mr Perry Mrs Crowther
Mr Measell
Mr J.Parker (Woodwork)
Mr Usher?
1953/4 Miss Landers Mrs Williamson
Mr Beaumont Mr Madin
Mr Copson
Mr Cumming
Mr Mansfield Geography
Miss June Clake Games & PE
Miss Harvey (return)
1954/5 Mr Crampton woodwork Mr Cumming
Mr Carlisle
Miss L. Fisher violin
Miss P. Naesmyth viola
1955/6 Mrs Moore English Miss Higginson
Miss Margaret Thomas
Mrs Faure (nee Riddell)
Mr N.J. Smart
Mr Kennedy
Mr Tovey
Mr Cain
Miss Landers
Mr Nichol
Mrs Jewell
Mrs Russell
Miss Doel
Mr Freeman
1956/7 Mrs Wilson (left 1972) French Miss Jarvie
Mr Mitchell Geography, Economics Mr Forbes died
Mr Marwede Lab. Technician Miss Ascher
Mr Simms Mathematics Mr Pollard
Mrs Zemla German Mrs Dixon
Mr Hazelton
Miss James
Mrs Zemla
Mr Mortimore
Old Uffs sec' Jack Barnard died
1957/8 Mrs Mackay Mr James
Mrs Winter Physical Education Mr Beaumont
Miss Saddington German Mrs Stacey
Miss Townsend French Mr Hilton
Mr Swinden Art Mr Simms
Mr Whitham Biology
Mr Madin (return) Music
Mrs Wookey English
1958/9 Mr B. Cleaver ('Bert' ex-pupil) Mathematics Mr Mansfield
Mr Fischer German Mr Perkins
Mr Wollaston History Mr Evans
Miss Waterman Mathematics Dr Konigsberg
Mr May (two terms temp) Art Miss Saddington
Mr Swinden
Mrs McKay
Mr Kolditz
1959/60 Mr Craig Geography? Miss Iris H. R. Stevenson
Mr Fuller Physics Mr Wollaston
Mr Fisher Art Mr Crampton
Mr Hutton Physical Education Mrs Winter
Mrs Rigby German Mrs Rigby
Mr Steward English/History Mr John Cain
Mr Peasey Mathematics
Mr Kolditz German
Miss Richmond German
1960/1 Miss Harper Physical Education Mr Hutton
Miss Tales (now Mrs Heritage) Biology Mr Fisher
Miss O'Kane French Mr Craig
Mr Leigh German Miss Marston?
Mr Major History
Mr Perry Handicraft
Mr Lloyd Music
1961/2 Mr Gurden Geography Mr Steward
Mr Little Physical Education Mr Cleaver
Mr May Art Mr Peasey
Mr Jaffe History & Economics Mrs Wookey
Miss Lloyd English Mr Jaffe
Mr McDermott Geography & English Mr Lloyd
Miss Thompson German Mr Leigh
Miss Thompson
1962/3 Mr Beckett Physics & Maths Mr Little
Miss Farley German Mr Beckett
Miss Gordon Maths Mr Taylor
Miss Oliver English Mrs Heritage
Miss Rastall Maths Mrs Hughes
Miss Williams Physical Education Mrs Maniam (nee Lloyd)
Mr Le Tissier Religious Knowledge Mrs Williamson
Mrs Williamson English
1963/4 Mr Clifton Physics & Maths Miss Harper
Mr Johnston Physical Education Mrs Perry (nee Oliver)
Mr Margrain Biology Mr. Perry
Mr Pryce History Mrs Aldridge (nee Rastall)
Mr Tribe Chemistry Mr Whitham
Miss Kelly
Mr Crow
1964/5 Dr Taylor Deputy Head Mr Smithies
Mr Greenwell Handicraft Mr Gurden
Mr Lea Biology Mrs Tribe (nee Farley)
Mr Smithies History Mrs Porter (nee O'Kane)
Miss Steele Geography Mrs Simmonds (nee Steele)
Mrs Sun English Mrs Sun
Mr Truman English Mr Bell
Mrs Waring Mathematics Mrs Bell
Miss Lawrence Mr Ede
Mr Miller Physics Mrs Newton
Miss Farley
1965/66 Miss Randall German Mr McDermott
Miss Calvert Mathematics Mr Tribe
Mrs Gee German Mrs Waring
Mr Gee Economics Miss Marston
Mr Greenberg French Mr Fuller
Miss Gutman Biology Mr Mansfield
Miss Marks German Mr Tucker
Miss Morris French Mr Verma
Mrs Penny Geography Mr Fasihi
Mr Powley Mathematics Mr And Mrs. Gee
  Mr Scandrett Economics Miss Gutman
Mr Stafford English Mr McDermott
Mr Nannan Mathematics Miss Merlin
Mlle Phillips Foreign Language Asst
Frl. Klostermann Foreign Language Asst
1966/7 Mrs Rawling Miss Lingwood
Dr Roberts
Mr Donovan P. Ryan
Mr Truman
Miss Waterman